Brütal Legend trailer

Fiiiiiiiiiinally. We cannot tell you how many sleepless nights we’ve spent tossing and turning in our Black Sabbath-branded footed jammies worrying about the fate of Tim Schafer’s epic rock n’ roll roadshow, Brütal Legend. But now that Electronic Arts has claimed it as their own, the marketing campaign can begin in earnest. Kicking off the festivities is this latest teaser trailer, featuring what appears to be actual cutscenes and gameplay rendered via the game’s graphics engine.

Our hero, roadie and heavy metal enthisiast Eddie Riggs as voiced by actor and heavy metal enthusiast Jack Black, appears to be in fine form here. We’ve got him driving a hot rod with flames shooting out of the exhaust. We’ve got him playing a guitar with electricity crackling off the frets. We’ve got him riding on the back of a spiked bracelet-sporting beast — that also shoots flames.

Looks like we’ll be resting easy tonight.