Let Michael Phelps guide your active lifestyle

Michael Phelps is probably the most recognized name in the world of athletics, with Plaxico Buress coming in a close second. So when he announced on 60 Minutes that he was assisting in the development for his own videogame, we knew what that meant: Michael Phelps’ Pro Swimmer — or at least, I thought that’s what it meant.

Though there haven’t been any titles given to his video game, we now know that 505 Games are partnering with Phelps to make a “first-of-its-kind videogame,” which may include Phelps’ teammates. In their announcement, they mention that we can expect the first title to be released in spring of 2010 with the some of the proceeds going towards the Michael Phelps’ Foundation.

“505 Games is proud to partner with Michael Phelps to create innovative new game play experiences that celebrate active lifestyles, the spirit of competition and the inspirational dream of becoming a champion,” said Adam Kline, president of 505 Games U.S. Since Kline doesn’t mention anything specific activity being the central focus of the game, it seems there’s still hope for a Michael Phelps’ Pro Swimmer.