Publishers want you to power up with [insert brand name]

We all know this was coming, and already we have been subjected to some subtle or not so subtle examples of in-game advertising. What we didn’t know, was the specific ideas for the future of game advertising. Thankfully, MTV Multiplayer got hold of some information from a small event last week hosted by Massively, a Microsoft subsidiary. At the event representatives from multiple publishers brainstormed on the idea of in-game advertising. Some ideas are good, such as more destructible billboards, but there are also some pretty hilarious ones.

An Ubisoft representative presented the idea of having licensed potions. More specifically, he used the example of their upcoming game I Am Alive, which takes place in a ruined Chicago. Instead of having health packs, the protagonist would use water to regain health. So theoretically Aquafina could put their brand-name on there, and any time I pick up their product….I immediately think that it will cure me of a bullet wound. Ingenious? I think so. What do you think? Would you like to see some more innovative advertising?