BioWare unleashes The Old Republic video documentary

In order to ease our waiting for MMO Star Wars:The Old Republic, BioWare have been compassionate enough to release a video documentary of their development of the game. It’s by no doubt a clever advertising method, but we do get to see some never before-seen footage of how the game will look and behave. It’s interesting to know that BioWare deliberately moves away from the fashionable realistic look, to set way for more original graphics.

“Rather than approaching The Old Republic from a harsh realism perspective, we wanted to create what we call “stylized realism”,” says Jeff Dobson, Art Director. “We didn’t want to look like anything else out there. It was a time where the next-gen games were all hitting and as great as they looked, they all started to look a like, cause they all look like reality. So it was really about choosing something that was going to be our own,” he adds.