New Gears… I mean, Terminator trailer

When Terminator Salvation comes to theaters in May we’ll all be getting a case of the movie tie-ins with the game hitting at the exact same time. This is a point that WBIE wants to drive home as can be seen by the request at the end of this trailer for the upcoming game that everyone both see the movie and play the game. The game, which will go by the same name as the film, actually takes place two years before the film does in post-apocalyptic L.A. It’s good news to hear since it means that they should put a bit more effort into the game as a whole if they’ve got their own story to work with.

Otherwise the game looks a whole lot like Gears of War; teams running around destroyed cities with big guns while they desperately look for cover from large enemies. Luckily Gears lends itself quite well to the whole Terminator universe so let us not look at this as a bad thing, but as a sign of hope that Warner Bros. is actually putting thought into the games for this franchise, because we can place safe bets on the fact that it will be back.