Rock Band developer apologizes for delayed Wii version

Rock Band is one successful music franchise. With its DLC reaching 28 million downloads and its consistently growing track list reaching 500 songs, even people who don’t play Rock Band can tell you it’s successful. Developers at Harmonix were reminded how awesome it was just a few days ago at the VGAs when it took home the win in the Best Music Game and Best Soundtrack categories.

Despite all of this, it didn’t stop Harmonix from taking the time to issue a statement concerning the Wii version of Rock Band 2, “We want to apologize for the delay in getting RB2 onto the Wii and to reaffirm that we believe that Wii is an amazing and unique fit for Rock Band 2, and one that we care deeply about getting right.” Alongside their apology, the announcement also made sure to remind everyone that the Wii version will come with the same DLC that 360 and PS3 owners have enjoyed oh so much, only this time, it will actually work with the SD card! To add to this, it’s also compatible with any existing instrument, guitar or drum set, available for the Wii. Expect Rock Band 2 for the Wii on Dec. 18.