EA: Tiger Woods Wii graphics not fit for broadcast

According to EA, the graphics in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 for Wii are not “of broadcast quality.” This news comes following a viewer complaint about the use of Xbox 360 footage in an advert for the Wii version of the game. The resulting investigation led to the British Advertising Standards Authority upholding the complaint, stating that the advertisement gave a misleading representation of the game’s quality.

The advert in question shows Woods swinging a Wiimote, his actions synchronized with Xbox 360 footage from Tiger Woods 09. Throughout the ad a Wii logo is clearly visible and – despite a disclaimer stating that the game is “available on all formats” – the ASA have stated that the ad infers Woods is playing the game on Wii. As a result of the upheld complaint, EA have been ordered not to show the advert on British television again.

As for the reason for this transgretion, the ASA have said, “[EA] explained that Wii footage would not be of broadcast quality, and the originating agency had thought it preferable to use the Xbox footage, which was closer to broadcast definition, than to “up the resolution” of Wii footage to broadcast quality.” Not of television broadcast quality, but still good enough to play on my television!? Facepalms all round guys.