Finally a chance to touch Snake

Well it looks like NPH is going to be happy. With the official announcement of what their internet exploding teaser meant, Konami has revealed that we will all be able to touch NPH’s sexiest man in videogames because his adventure is coming to the iPhone. Metal Gear Solid Touch (please don’t let this be a theme like titles start with a D and an S were on the DS) will feature characters and plot based around Snake’s latest adventures in Metal Gear Solid 4. Eight levels will be released with more coming down the road. From the screens above, it looks like gameplay will be a lot of targeting with one’s finger, but no actual word on how it works has been released yet. MGST will be worldwide by Spring 2009.

Konami isn’t stopping there though. It seems they want to back the iTouch and iPhone pretty heavily in the upcoming year. They’ll also be releasing Silent Hill: The Escape (a cell phone port), DDR: S Lite, and Frogger for the touch controlled devices. Don’t get me wrong, I love both SH and DDR, but in my mind nothing will ever top a touch screen Frogger. All in all, some truly solid support for Apple’s products, reaffirming that they might be actual game systems after all. For those looking to game a little before MGST comes out, these three will be released before the end of December.