Historic voice actors confirmed for Arkham Asylum

Watching Batman: The Animated series took up a lot of time in my childhood. First I was going to write “valuable time” but then again, what’s more valuable than learning moral codes by watching a guy open a can of whoop ass on the world’s bad guys? The series wouldn’t have done as well without top notch voice acting and we’re happy to say that the forthcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum also features the legendary voices we’ve grown accustomed to. Eidos and Warner Bros. have today announced that Kevin Conroy will do the voice for our caped crusader and Mark Hamill will do the Joker, just like back in the days.

We’ve seen the game’s creepy environments and also a gameplay trailer showing the Joker pissing off the Dark Knight by violently taking control of the mental institute. The game looks way better than any Batman game that’s ever seen the light of day and the claustrophobic setting is sure to get the adrenalin going. We’ll have to wait until the summer of 2009 to get our hands on it, but rest assured that we’ll be bringing you all the necessary info to keep your enthusiasm in the air.