Rise of the Argonauts majestic trailer

With Rise of the Argonauts now released in North America, Codemasters have sent out a “Majestic Trailer” to get us psyched for this epic Greek adventure. It’s packed with breasticles, decapitation and a lot of divine muscles. If you’re not updated with the game, it’s an RPG based on the old Greek legend about Jason, king of Iolcus, who’s sailing the oceans in his Argo accompanied by renowned characters such as Hercules and Achilles to find the Golden Fleece – the only thing that can get his murdered fiancée back to life.

Expectations are high and we really hope Rise of the Argonauts is an RPG that can play in the same league as current PC RPG hit The Witcher. Whatcha say, Greek solider versus Polish monster killer?