Ubisoft gambles, which way will the chips fall?

While it seems that EA either doesn’t care or is completely ignorant to the indisputable anti-DRM uprising, it looks as though Ubisoft is taking notice. On the Ubisoft official forums, Community Developer UbiRazz gives us an early Christmas nugget. “But as PoP PC has no DRM, we’ll see how truthful people actually are (in regards to pirating the game). Not very, I imagine.”

Ouch, UbiRazz. You trick me with your sweet words and then deliver the uppercut at the end, I thought we were friends? Truthfully, we don’t blame him for his cynicism. The fact that Prince of Persia for PC ships without DRM could turn out to be a turning point in the PC gaming industry. It can go one of two ways. It will either prove the publishers right, in that DRM does deter would be thieving mongrels, or it will prove the consumers correct in the way that DRM actually causes more Internet based five finger discounting. For the mathematically challenged like myself, that’s a 50/50 chance (I had to ask my wife). I like those odds, I’d be willing to bet that us, the consumer, will be the winners in this challenge. Time will tell, and hopefully it goes well for us and that this is the beginning of a new utopian DRM free world.