Yahtzee’s new show has other people in it

I know very few people who aren’t a fan of Zero Punctuation. Yahtzee, the quick talking narrator of the series, has taken the internet by storm with his wit and sarcasm, not to mention his hatred of almost anything. So logic dictates that he should have a television show. What logic? Why the logic of destroying everything that is awesome logic.

The above video is the pilot episode of the show, Game Damage, which features Yahtzee and two other guys who no one really cares about talking about outdated games and showing off sketches and clips. In fairness it is a bit outdated because they film in the past and then broadcast in the future, but aside from that I think the show has potential but just needs a little work. The two co-hosts have to get better on camera and while Yahtzee’s quick talking works for the Zero Punctuation vids, it doesn’t seem to play out as well in video form. What do you guys think? Any potential to the show?