Cross Platform Podcast #015 / The Return of The Mike

I’ll admit it — I didn’t feel the same without a working Xbox 360 in hand. There was just something about being one console short that made me feel like I just wasn’t supposed to be here. I felt empty. I felt fake. And yet, the gaming gods bestowed upon me a great gift, a token of their undying appreciation for all I do — *plugs in “repaired Xbox 360*…RRoD? Dun Dunn Dunnn. But what’s this? I managed to still find a way to get a working 360? Who would do such a thing? You’ll have to listen to find out… *dramatic music*. Speaking of music, this week’s interludes are provided by the Saturn classic Panzer Dragoon, and don’t forget; you can listen to a streaming version of the podcast via the embedded player above, perfect for those of you at “work”.

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