Duke Nukem Forever screenshot for the holiday

Did your eyebrows raise? Mine did when I read the headline over at ShackNews. Looks like 3D Realms, ever huddled away making Duke Nukem Forever for well past a decade now, decided to throw the public a bone.  One whole screenshot to be exact. Kind of measly, but hey, take what you can get. It’s proof the game is still being made, people! It may, in fact, even be proof that we will one day get to witness and experience the return of one of the more one-dimensionally awesome protagonists to hit gaming this side of Marcus Fenix (who, by the way, would not win in a fight).

Compelling stories, character development, pshaw! Bring us 1995 again and hurry with it! There’s apparently even some rumors that the console crowd will get a taste.  Whether it’s this generation or not, let alone a lifetime, is yet to be seen.