Final Fantasy Dissidia to pound your face 2009

You know, people often ask me why I have stood by the Final Fantasy series, even through the atrocious knockoffs (re: Chocobo Racing, Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding), and always my answer never changes, “I’m a blind fanboy”. Hence why I refuse to do any review on a Final Fantasy product, in fear that my fanboyism will overtake my ability to report objectively. However, there is one game that has caused me to put away my fanboy, and that is the upcoming 3D fighter: Final Fantasy Dissidia. The game is due out for the PSP, and has finally gotten a release window, which Square-Enix has labeled as “mid-year 2009” for North America. The game was released this week in Japan.

It’s odd, somehow I’m just not excited about a Final Fantasy fighting game. Not even the 20 character fighter line up has perked me up. I understand that it may have some RPG elements, and has mind blowing graphics (at least for a PSP title), but there is just this rancid aftertaste in my mouth. I just can’t pin where it comes from, but hopefully Square-Enix comes through on this, and I can finally live out my dreams of a Cid vs. Sepiroth battle. Anyone else looking forward to picking this up?

P.S. Cid wins.