Hideo Kojima gives his view on Metal Gear Solid Touch

The news that the next Metal Gear Solid project was arriving on the iPhone came as a bummer to some and as a delight to others. Prior to the uncovering, rumors on what the cryptic message could mean were flying around like butterflies on speed, but when Metal Gear Solid Touch was confirmed most people considered it at least… interesting. Legendary Hideo Kojima explained his viewpoint on the game in an interview with Famitsu magazine and he seems to have a solid vision of the game’s purpose.

According to Kojima the game revolves around Metal Gear Solid 4 but is unlike every other installment we’ve seen. In order to make a casual game, some elements had to be removed or restructured.

“The content is purely MGS4, but the concept was more to create a “simple MGS.” The development team’s first impression was that MGS has to be all about stealth, but you can’t play a quick game on the train if it’s about that. It’s a little much to ask of someone trying our games for the first time. That’s why we made it a simple touch-screen shooting game.”

Kojima explains that the primary objective of Metal Gear Solid Touch isn’t to satisfy the already existing fan base but rather to get the interest up for those unfamiliar with the series.

“This game really is nothing more than an entrance for us. I’d like people unfamiliar with MGS to play it, and maybe develop an interest in MGS4 in the process — and if they foster a general interest in games from there, it’d make me all the happier.”

As it turns out, Metal Gear Solid Touch wasn’t what a lot of gamers hoped for. With gameplay shallower than most reality TV-shows and the fact that the iPhone isn’t quite a concentrated gaming device makes it rather obvious that this game won’t be making its way to the history books. On the brighter side, it’s a good attempt to get people interested in games and to open up the possibilites for mobile gaming. Will it be a system seller for the iPhone? Probably not.