Make your Spore creature a thing of the flesh… errrr, plastic

So you’ve developed an entire race of creatures from single celled organism to galaxy ruling super beings in Spore, but what have you got to show for it? Sure you can share your creatures online, but we all know that the stuff that really matters is physical and can be thrown at people you don’t like. Evidently, EA likes to throw objects at people too and thus have teamed up with Z Corporation to deliver to us figurines of our own personal Spore creatures.

Using some technological mumbo jumob, Z Corporation will now allow you to turn your pathetic digital creation into a totally awesome piece of physical plastic or resin or whatever, and then throw it at someone (note: throwing optional). In reality, the creatures can only come from the Spore Creature Creator and then designers must upload them to the internets where they can then proceed to place an order for their statue, which will be up to 4 inches tall. These lovely little pieces of throwable plastic will only cost $49.50, but really, can you put a price on being able to hurl a penis Spore creature with eyes at your unsuspecting little brother the next time he comes over to visit?