New Wheelman trailer gets cinematic

One has to wonder how much stock Midway has in their upcoming game Wheelman, which will star Vin Diesel as a guy who drives cars really fast. Seeing as it is one of their only major titles coming out any time soon (Feb. 20) I’m guessing they really need it to do well. Judging from the above trailer though, things are looking about 50/50. The game could either launch a new level of car driving and shooting or fall flat on its over-the-top action styling face.

I got some hands-on time with it at E3 and just to let you know, yes, you can do almost everything you see in the trailer in real-time during the game. Spinning the car around and shooting a guy behind you is totally possible. Jumping from one car to another while speeding down a road is also possible. Ramming into a car and making it flip over and over whilst on fire is possible too. If Midway can nail that gameplay right, then there is no reason that Wheelman shouldn’t be a blast. From my time with it, it still needed a little work, but it looks to be coming along pretty well.