Rumor / Free Radical closes?

Big things happening at Free Radical Design today as the web is awash with rumors that the UK-based developer has shut its doors for the last time. Quite literally, it is reported that staff have been locked out of the building and that the developer is currently unreachable.

The studio behind the iconic TimeSplitters franchise has hit stormy seas in recent months with its long awaited PlayStation 3-exclusive Haze failing to meet expectation along with the loss of a major deal with LucasArts wounding the studio’s chances to redeem itself. There are further rumors that have emerged surrounding the mistreatment of staff and a number of significant departures.

In spite of this, Free Radical’s screen-writer Rob Yescombe has told Spong that the firm has not pulled the plug. When asked whether there was any truth to the rumors of the firm shutting its doors, Yescombe replied, “Nope, not true.” Unfortunately for fans, right now his voice stands alone in a hysterical chorus decrying the firm’s demise.