EA’s games now on Steam

You wouldn’t be far from the truth if you were to say EA is in a bit of of makeover period right now. After enduring a hit on their bottom line in the form of a red $310 million in the recent quarter, they’re looking for ways improve financially and one obvious method of doing so is to sell videogames. For quite awhile now EA has been selling their PC titles through such digital distributions like their own EA Store and Direct2Drive but many gamers wondered, when would EA titles be available on Steam? With its reported 15 million users, it seemed like a great avenue for more exposure. Well, it appears the discovery of the Spore EULA on the Steam website was the proper clue to answer the question many have been asking.

EA’s titles are now available on Steam, not many at the moment and certainly not as many as you’d currently find on Direct2Drive but some of the most recent titles have shown up and can be seen on their publisher page. Notable titles available include Spore as well as its expansion, Mass Effect, FIFA Manager 09, Need for Speed Undercover and Warhammer Online. Also expect Mirror’s Edge, Red Alert 3 and Dead Space to be released on the digital distribution platform soon.