HOLY S*** it’s an asteroid watch!

Yes, bad news going around the videogame world right now. EA with layoffs, Factor 5 making cuts, and developers shutting their doors. It’s hard to keep our heads up in this environment, so any funny or purely awesome news is very welcome. Thus, I bring you possibly the greatest invention of all time: the “space game” watch. Just witness this video and try not to weep at the sight of such great innovation. It’s practically the game Asteroids on your arm. The watch has a tilt sensor that allows the player to move his arm to control the ship’s position.

The creator, only known as John, has also created his very own pong watch. Seriously though, this thing needs to be on the shelves right now. So if any of you reading this are a multimillion dollar investor (ha!), then you need to immediately call this man, and pour insane amounts of money into this project.