Sega revives racing classic OutRun

Remember OutRun? That racing game in the arcades with expensive cars and perfectly clean roads for as far as your eyes can see? Yes, yes it does kind of sound like most classic racers, but this one had rad music options much like Rad Racer, as well as visible passengers and forks in the road that gave you a choice in where to go. Standout, so guess what? SEGA just announced a new HD revamp of it that will hit PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Developed by Sumo Digital, the announcement promises all 15 original courses, which are described as stunning, vibrant, colorful and glorious. They will range “from the steep streets of San Francisco to the beautiful beaches of California,” leading me to believe that this pulse-paced, fast-pounding kind of racing is a strictly West Coast experience (and that San Francisco is not a part of California?). There will also be OutRun Online Arcade, offering up to 6-player multiplayer in the form of racing, Heart Attack and Time Attack modes, which will probably be further explained later on. In the meantime, contain yourselves. Expect this taste of California to hit early 2009, which is just on the pristine road’s horizon.