SEGA shows how much ass they’re gonna kick on the Wii next year

We love getting Christmas wishes from gaming companies. It makes us feel all warm and cuddly, that is until we realize they’re sending the same Christmas wishes to every site out there and just looking for us to promote they’re games. If that’s the way you want to play it SEGA, that’s the way we’ll play it. Look above at the wondrous games and Holiday wishes SEGA is sending everyone — those dirty sluts.

They just spread their Christmas wishes all over like the whores they are. Well we aren’t going to take it, I tell you. We won’t look for a second at the plethora of kick ass Wii games their releasing, the other Platinum Games games they’re releasing or the plethora of top notch games SEGA has lined up. Nope, we know what you’re up to SEGA, and we know what you want. Well, we won’t give it to you! Now, we really must go and not drool over this.