Sony jumping on the 3-D train?

You remember 3-D right? It made a lot of promises in the 90’s, saying that everyone would be watching it in their flying cars of the future. Yeah, it’s sorry for letting you down, but it’s still been around in movies and such. You don’t watch 3-D movies? Oh, well I guess you wouldn’t mind if the technology came to your game system. That bastard child of technology, 3-D, is reportedly coming to the PS3 as early as next year. That’s according to Blitz Games Studios, who are developing a specific engine in anticipation for the update.

You didn’t hear wrong either, apparently the tech will be arriving in a firmware update for the system. The update would allow users to also view Blu-ray movies in 3-D, ensuring that they would die from sensory overload. This ability to update to 3-D could be exclusive to the PS3, leaving Xbox gamers in the boring two-dimensional world.