Uwe Boll’s newest movie – Contra?

Uwe Boll may not be the most admired movie producer on the videogame scene. With videogame to movie flops such as BloodRayne, Postal, and Alone in the Dark, it seems the guy just can’t catch a break. There is one thing he is good at though and that is receiving internet insults.

Whether it be a petition trying to stop him from making movies or amateur YouTube videos poking fun at his films, there’s no shortage of content for Uwe Boll haters to view online. The most recent (and arguably, one of the funniest) videos comes from the guys over a Black20. In the video, Black20’s writers imagine what Contra: The Movie would look like if Ewe Boll were behind the lens. What is produced is nothing short of hilarious.

If Boll would only stop taking himself seriously and produce a movie like this, I’m sure a lot of us would come around and actually rent his movies. Yeah, we still wouldn’t buy it.