World at War Wii not doing so hot

Wii versions of multiplatform games are kind of an obsession for me. I always wonder what they’re like, but I’m never interested enough to actually put money down on one. In some cases this might actually be the best course of action, in others maybe not, but in the case of Call of Duty: World at War it looks like most people leaned in the same direction as my general thinking. The overall sales for the game are drastically different, with the 360 being the top seller with 1.41 million sold, the PS3 coming in second with 600,000 sold and the Wii, PS2, DS and PC combining to have sold only 200,000 copies. Ouch.

So why has the Wii version sold so terribly, even after garnering good reviews across the board? No real answers are given but we can always hypothesize. For starters, most people picking up World at War probably have a 360 next to their Wii or no Wii at all, and waggle aiming is hardly a replacement for the robust online experience of the 360. Still, one would think that the massively massive install base of the Wii would prompt a few more purchases of the game. I guess we’re still not seeing all those new gamers cross over to the more hardcore gaming, or maybe if they are they’re buying a 360 or PS3 to do it.