Freeman’s Mind

Ever wonder what’s going on in that stoic mind of Valve’s number one hero? You might be surprised to find out, he’s not exactly what you’d expect from the heroic mute. He might be a genius, highly respected scientist and professional crowbar wielder, but deep down in that goatee’d core he’s just a regular Joe, with attitude.

While I know that this possibly goes against everything Valve set up for this character, purposely making Dr. Freeman not speak so that players can immerse themselves deep into the story and feel as if they are Gordon themselves. But Freeman’s Mind is so flipping funny you have to let that go and enjoy the silliness. The premise is simple, you follow Dr. Freeman through his normal day but with a twist, you have exclusive insight into his mind. The series takes you through chunks of the original Half-Life game in its proper order. I’m starting you with episode 2, simply because it’s “gold Jerry, GOLD“. Being a big fan of machinima in general, the gems are few and far between and I think that this is one of those nuggets that should get better and better as the series continues.