Rumor / Free Radical kicks the door wide open

Like Rocky in his prime, it seems that UK-based developer Free Radical is still fighting the good fight. Not so long ago we reported that the studio may have closed its doors. Yes, everywhere Timesplitter fans wept and refused to eat for days. Many hoped that the rumor would prove false, clinging on to some thin string of hope. And my god, that hope may have payed off. Speaking to 1UP under conditions of anonymity, an employee of Free Radical said that the studio is still open with a “skeleton crew”, and that the studio has no intention of closing. Stop the presses!

“They’re not closed. The intention is, going forwards, that hopefully the skeleton crew can shock things back to life in the new year and things can ramp back up from there. But they are *not* out of business,” said the source.

Whew, this is really good news for you (me) Timesplitter junkies. Officially, the studio is still working on TimeSplitters 4. So here is to hoping that this skeleton crew can indeed invigorate this studio and bring it back from the (near) dead. We here at TVGB wish Free Radical the best of luck.