Nerd rage!

The internet is like that mythical place where all the world converges together, mashing all information into one central focal point, ready and waiting for mankind to tap and be enlightened. But, of course mankind frivolously tosses that notion aside in favor of flooding the message boards of their favorite and or most despised videogame to vent their frustrations out and demanding to be heard. In internet gaming land, this is often referred to as nerd rage, but you knew that already didn’t you? During my nomadic style internet wanderings, I stumbled upon a list and before you say “not another freaking list!” hear me out. It’s a list of the top ten PC game related things that gamers nerd raged over in 2008. The list seems pretty accurate, though we might rank things in a slightly different order, but overall it seems good.

One of the big ones, and a topic that I’ve personally discussed on many occasions is the whole World of Warcraft vs Warhammer Online debate. Debating this is almost a moot point, because Warhammer fans are equal yet opposite of Warcraft fans and their level of fanboyism. It’s sort of like a football rivaly, you’re never going to convince an Eagles fan that the Cowboys are better or that the Celtics are better than the Rangers and vise versa. Its impossible, you might as well argue with a five year old with his or her fingers in their ears going “LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Actually, you might get somewhere in that scenario.

One of the other ones that made the list and that I never understood was the Fallout “purists” angry over Bethesda making Fallout 3 and thus labeling them the spawn of Satan. I really don’t have much to say, I will never understand that purist mentality. From what we can see, Fallout 3 is nothing short of awesome and yes, I’ve played the other Fallout games.

The #1 spot unsurprisingly goes to the Spore DRM nightmare. The topic has been exhausted over the past few months, and some of us have DRM fatigue. Beating the dead horse into a fine powder and coming close to snorting it just to see what it will do. We understand the raging over the DRM in Spore, and it’s spawned what seems to be a makeshift anti-DRM movement, but I think we’ve had our fill of DRM for 2008. We’re looking to 2009 which we hope will be a more positive year for DRM-related things. Hopefully when similar lists come out this time next year, we will be raging over StarCraft II getting delayed or something worth getting upset about, and not stupid DRM.