See Burnout Paradise’s DeLorean in action

“Turn Back To The Future off/I’ve seen it before/It’s great but no more.” So say The Wombats in ‘Is this Christmas?’, bemoaning Marty McFly’s inevitable festive telly appearance over here in Blighty. It’s a fine example of jaunty indie pop rock and I like it. But it’s wrong, so very very wrong. In fact, I would be pretty happy if the whole trilogy played on a loop for the entire holiday, with the above video instead of ad breaks. Now, that’s my idea of Christmas.

All of which is a rather convoluted and overexcited way of telling you that Criterion have released the first footage of the Back to the Future-style “Jansen 88 Special,” available as part of Burnout Paradise‘s Legendary Car Pack. Three other vehicles will also be available as part of the pack, but they don’t hover or leave tracks of fire (!!!), so I don’t really care. The Legendary Car Pack isn’t available until next year. But hey, at least we’ve got the re-runs ’till then.