Steam takes heat for new currency exchange

Steam’s great. It proves that digital distribution is a very viable option for gamers, and continues to win over more and more people. However, recently, they went and decided to price items in local currency, stepping beyond their bounds of the US Dollar. What this has led to is $49.99 games now costing €49.99 or £49.99.

Now, anyone who is up on things will be aware that this means European gamers will now be paying a good bit more. Spelling it out, €49.99 is $70.29 and £49.99 comes out to $74.63. As you might expect, this has more than a few people vocally upset. All of a sudden, Steam isn’t so great to a whole continent. Should be interesting to see if the community can build some momentum. Somewhere in this story there’s some kind of ironic, possibly crass liberty joke, but I am both fortunately and sadly not the one who has found it.