Get in the right Christmas mode with your Xbox 360

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Everyone wants to have a fire going during their Christmas celebrations, but often it’s too damn dangerous to actually set one up. If you’re not drunk then your grandma is, and as we all know accidents occur easily under the influence. Let’s not talk about all the gift-wrap that’s flying around like confetti or that frantic dog of yours that’s jumping around trying to get rid of that silly red bow you’ve put around its neck.

Now you’ve got the chance to impress your family and relatives by taking care of business using your Xbox 360. XNA user SniperED007 has created a realistic fireplace that’s available on Xbox Live for a mere 400 MS Points. Fireplace is totally harmless and is said to feature “realistic smoldering embers and flickering flames,” which makes “the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening.” As always, there’s a free demo that you can try before buying the “real” deal.

If your relatives start to ask annoying questions about what’s going on on the TV, just tell them that it’s “Frickin’ HD” and relate to my examples in the beginning of this post.