Nintendo sued over faulty adapter

I guess if something as small as a cigarette butt can cause forest fires then Nintendo DS adapters can make houses burn down. One unfortunate family in Kentucky experienced this first hand when their house caught fire because of the little device, and had some pretty hefty damages. But no worries, their insurance company was able to pay for all the damages, but now they’re out for Nintendo’s blood. Or money, to be a bit nicer.

The insurance company, Liberty Mutual, is suing the long running gaming company for $236,304 while claiming that “the Product [the DS power adapter] was defective in design, manufacture and/or because it failed to warn consumers as to dangers associated with it.” They even mentioned how Nintendo issued a recall of some adapters because they were prone to overheat. This might help them, if it wasn’t limited to 200,000 DS Lite adapters…in Japan.