Wii resale market is dead

Well, you scalpers had a good run. According to an article published on Gamasutra, the Wii resale market has died and it’s now pointless to buy a Wii in stores with hope to resell it anywhere. The average resale price for the Wii is now down to the system’s store price of $250 USD. Videogame Price Charts has created a chart that showcases the downfall of the “grey market”, which seems to have been dropping steadily since February 2008. One reason for the cut in resale price may be because of Nintendo’s promise to increase supply. Which they have, by increasing production by 33 percent in order to meet high demand.

Of the systems that do sell over the market price on eBay, most are bundled with a variety of games. However, slide over to Amazon and you’ll find many used systems selling over $300, but not by a huge margin. Regardless, it is clear that the Wii no longer costs the life of a human being. It seems that you’ll have to sell to your not-so-smart friend in order to break even.