Happy Holidays from TVGB

What do the holidays mean for us here at TVGB? Well, other than getting Raving Rabbid papercraft holiday cards from Ubisoft in the mail (see image below) they give us a chance to thank all of our readers for reading. It’s been a banner year for TVGB and it has been that way because of every reader who heads on over to check us out. So thanks from all of us here at TVGB, Happy Holidays and we hope you get a large pile of videogame related presents for whichever holiday you choose to receive videogame related presents for.

Oh, and stick around because we’re going to have a giant giveaway featuring the TVGB mystery box, which is crammed full of random videogame related stuff that we’ve accumulated over the year. What’s inside? Who knows… well, we know, but it’s a surprise for everyone else. The official contest will start soon, so tune in.