LittleBigPlanet coming to the big screen, sorta

So this is is what it looks like when a SackBoy becomes a SackMan. Focus Feature’s upcoming post-apocalyptic computer animated film, 9, bears some striking similarities to Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet. Both feature sackcloth-and-zipper sporting protagonists. Both feature leaping and bounding about an otherwise unpopulated landscape. But coming from producers Tim Burton and Timbur Bekmambetov, 9 is definitely more creepy than cutesy.

There’s not a lot of information on this mysterious movie, but the plot seems to revolve around the eponymous 9’s efforts to protect his rag doll people from a monster that has been stealing their souls. Say what you will, but I think everything about this looks awesome, presenting a highly-stylized, original and dark take on the typical animated fare.

9 stars the voices of Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer and Crispin Glover and will be in theaters on September 9th, 2009.