Iran joins the ESRB

One doesn’t really think of the Middle East and videogames unless one is fighting a war in said videogames in the Middle East, but people there play games too. They probably don’t play games as much as we do, but they do play them. Now they’ll have a rating system when they play them as it is being reported that Iran has joined the ESRB in their quest to educate parents about the contents of videogames.

Behruz Minaii, who directly manages Iran’s National Foundation for Computer Games (it is a very rich country, I’m sure they have plenty of offices that sound needless) said that, “This plan will help families get better ideas about selecting games for their children and can set a good example for cinematic and television productions,” when making the announcement to the general public. He also hopes that it will support the domestic producers and distributors in Iran. Yes, there are Iranian game developers and they are getting stronger.

Really, the question everyone is asking is, “How will this effect me?” It won’t, you can stop caring now.