Resident Evil: Degeneration surprisingly doesn’t gargle balls

Not that it is especially good, but Resident Evil: Degeneration surprises by not being especially bad. Unlike the live-action Milla Jovovich kung-fu fests, this computer generated flick feels like it actually belongs in Capcom’s Resident Evil universe, complete with all the charmingly clichéd plot points and cheesy voice acting we’ve come to expect from the series.

Anyone without an encyclopedic knowledge of the previous games might have trouble following the character-laden and conspiracy-laced story, but this extended cut scene is the perfect primer for the upcoming Resident Evil 5. If you have any intention of picking up the new game, check out Gametrailer’s Resident Evil survivor retrospective, a spoiler-rich recounting of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s zombie-fighting adventures in Racoon City and beyond, before watching Resident Evil: Degeneration, on Blu-ray of course.