Hideo Kojima working on two new titles…

… and neither title, it sounds, will rhyme with “Mental Deer.”

The man who brought us the overindulgent Metal Gear series is off and working on two new games according to a translation of a Famitsu interview. In typical hype machine fashion, the details at this point are slim. What’s known is that one title will run the development gauntlet in typical Kojima Productions’ fashion. One can only assume this means a level of meticulousness in every bit of game world that seems both admirable and indulgent. Hopefully it will be wrapped in something new and not have a subtitle of “Tactical Espionage Action.”

The other title is the more intriguing one, as it is geared (!) toward a western audience. His recent visit to Infinity Ward’s studios in Los Angeles certainly had the press abuzz, despite Infinity Ward’s denial of any serious observing going on, but you just never can tell in this industry. Here’s chomping at the bit to learn more soon.