Honey, I shrunk the Master Chief!

Don’t let Todd McFarlane near your dead horse, lest you want the tragedy of Sparkle Thunder’s sudden passing compounded by the indignity of being kicked.

Coming your way early next spring, the second series of miniature Halo helmets that NOBODY has been waiting for with baited breath. Though compatible with the company’s line of 12-inch Halo figures, each helmet includes a stand “for flat surface or wall-mount display.” And as if that weren’t reason enough to kick Rembrandt to the curb, the stands can be joined together for what the press release deems “dynamic display possibilities,” which is just fancy marketing-speak for “testament to your complete lack of fiscal responsibility.”

Legend has it, if you collect and connect them all, you will hear the gentle splish splash sound of Microsoft successfully squeezing blood from a stone.