Nintendo to jump on video bandwagon in Japan

We all know the Wii has been such a great success because of Nintendo’s newfound ability to reach out beyond the “hardcore” gamer with accessible titles like Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Wii Music. Unable to compete with the magic of the Wii remote’s motion control, Microsoft and Sony have countered with their own attack on the casual market: downloadable videos.

Now, this isn’t the same as the old-people-playing-Wii-bowling-OMG phenomenon, but just like you don’t need to know how to play videogames to play Wii Sports, you don’t need to know how to play videogames to enjoy a film. This is illustrated in the recent PS3 TV spot in which a 20-something is looking forward to playing his new PS3 with his hardcore games when his girlfriend walks in and completely owns him up, forcing her man and his buddies to watch “50 First Dates”. See? PS3 is for everyone too.

Well, it turns out that Nintendo is ready for its own take on downloadable video content.

“Nintendo said it would develop original programming which Wii users could access via the Internet and watch on their television. It is considering videos for both free and fees,” writes Japan Today.

So, this will be different from Sony and Microsoft, because the content will be original. Hopefully it will also be different from the Nintendo Channel, an already existing service that lets Wii users access game trailers and promo content for free.

Right now, it’s unclear what Nintendo could be thinking of when it comes to “original content.” Will the videos compliment existing games, or will they be more extended trailers for future games? Maybe it will be something crazy and different from anything we’ve ever seen before (a microcosm for the Wii itself).

One thing is for sure. Just like this feature, it will be tested in Japan first before it gets a shot anywhere else.