Next Tony Hawk game will make you bleed

You know why I like playing skateboard games? Because I suck at skateboarding, and watching my avatar pull off a 180 backside kickflip whilst drinking a cola makes me feel good about myself. Well, apparently the next Tony Hawk game is going to shatter those feelings, and instead focus on a more realistic approach. In fact, the game is going to be insanely realistic if we go by a quote from Mr. Hawk himself.

“For sure, with our next release. I can guarantee you that it’s as close to real skating as you’ll ever come,” he said when asked by CNET news if games could get any more realistic. Somehow I think this game is going to be featured on the Wii Balance Board, and come with an industrial sized fan. Maybe it will even come packed with a Mall cop to chase me around the living room with a flashlight. Or maybe — and this might be a little crazy — it will come with a pressure pad that fits around my groin, thereby providing a realistic kick when I miss that grind rail. Seriously though, do we want any more realism with our skateboarding games?