Wii spurs holiday hate

Oh Wii, you’re so innocent with your family friendly games. Not plagued by the violence and hate that surrounds so many other games. Such an innocent little thing, I want to pinch your cute little cheeks. Why don’t you come over here and-

OW! You bit me! You must be reacting to that little bit of holiday hate that was spurred over one of your games in Portsmouth N.H. No you didn’t hear that wrong, on Christmas day police were called to a house over a dispute involving a Wii game. Randi Young, 24, and her boyfriend Heath Blom, 26, were both cuffed by police and hauled off after they discovered bruises on both adults. Portsmouth police claim that tempers erupted at Bloom’s grandparents house when the boyfriend didn’t get the present that he asked for, which was an expensive RC plane. Instead his grandparents bought him a Wii game.

“When he didn’t get the plane, he got really upset. He acted like a 10-year-old kid,” said Young. Her boyfriend on the other hand claims that the cops got it wrong, and he wanted the RC plane for his birthday, explaining that “you can’t fly an RC plane in the snow.” It gets better, apparently one fight led to another and Young began packing her bags. Blom then got more infuriated when his girlfriend hid his Wii game.

“He dragged me down two flights of stairs, by the hair,” Young claimed. However, Blom says that he simply stood in the doorway and she then punched him three times, and then he “pulled her hair.” What do the grandparents think of this?

Well, Ricky Young Sr. says that both his daughter and Blom “fight like little kids. . . But to fight on Christmas, of all days. That’s crazy.” Damn crazy if you ask me. I can’t help but be curious about what game it was…