Media Molecule sets the record straight with LBP

Media Molecule wants to get some info straight when it comes to its child LittleBigPlanet. In an interview with IGN, the people that make up Media Molecule talked about everything from the supposed sequel to copyright infringement to even the slow sales LBP has seen since its debut. So many rumors our little sackboy has to correct and elaborate on!

Are slow sales making the team bash their heads into walls and desks? I think not! At least that is what is being said by the team. They seem pretty pleased that their masterpiece was able to hold up against longer-running franchises such as Fallout. David Smith has stated that by releasing new downloadable packs they hope to keep people’s interest in the game longer.

Longer interest in a game surely leads to there being a higher chance of a sequel, and although no one is confirming or denying what it is exactly they’re working on right now, one thing is for sure, they ARE working on something. As Alex Evans has said, “a new way of answering that question is that we’re putting all the creative ambition of a sequel in, but we might not end up calling it a sequel.”

What about all those awesome stages and characters that are used in the game? Turns out MM doesn’t really have to worry about getting (some) big corporate guys mad, as some companies actually like the idea of having their stuff used. “[Some] IP owners came up to us and said please whitelist us – we’ll never ask you to pull infringing stuff,” Evans said. He also gives a shout out to Sony for helping with dealing with international clients.

With how well things seem to be going for this growing company, it would seem like LBP will be here to stay for as long as we can keep it alive, and Media Molecule is really pulling all the stops to make sure that this happens, and that one day they can achieve world domination! Okay, maybe not that, but for at least every sackboy and sackgirl owner to get a full fledged experience in one of this past year’s greatest gems in gaming.