No More Heroes 2 gets revamped

Were you one of the people dissatisfied by the open world of No More Heroes? You’re in luck because, like any respectable developer, Suda51 plans on changing that in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and putting a nice big smile on those faces of yours!

Sadly, not a lot of details were given as to how “open” this world would be or to how they expect to change it. All that was given by Mr. Suda was this quotation: “Yeah, we’ll once again manage to do what we want to do with realizing the open world, but expect big changes for No More Heroes 2‘s open world.”

Well, the game was already pretty well received by a lot of people, even with a flawed open world, so maybe this improvement will help make the game even that much more exciting for devoted fans and those that just want to play a kick-ass nerd with a pompadour.