We all now that anyone can create pretty much anything in LittleBigPlanet. I’m pretty sure at some point the cure for AIDS is going to come out of the damn thing. However, running around a level in first person is just not something one can do… or is it? BUM BUM BUUUUUUUMMMMM! *lightning bolt* *maniacal laughter*

Yes, well, evidently it is possible and could come at some point. Those blokes over at the European IGN sat down with Media Molecule and during the interview were introduced to the game running in a first-person perspective. Like any good gamer, they instantly asked when would they get to play it via some sort of DLC update. To this, David Smith of Media Molecule responded, “There’s a certain point where we’d want to stop transforming it, there’s definitely some underlying rules that we wouldn’t want to violate, but from there who knows? There’s nothing off the table, so something as mad as a first person viewpoint – if you think of the way you create environments, that’s a radical change. But if it’s something that the community wanted, we’d totally listen to that.”

So since it is possible, it may be possible. That makes total sense, trust me.