Left 4 Dead DLC coming soon?

In a video podcast on Kotaku, Chet Faliszek, one of Valve’s writers on Left 4 Dead, let out some interesting news on the future of the game. According to Faliszek, Valve is currently working on new scenarios for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game as well as incorporating the remaining two scenarios into the versus mode (Dead Air and Death Toll).

Faliszek also revealed that unlike Team Fortress, Valve is working to release the DLC simultaneously for both platforms. Which is a nice change as in the past free updates via Steam arrived relatively quickly while the 360 users had to wait it out. No pricing information has been released for the 360 DLC, but Faliszek assures that an announcement will be made soon. Just cross your fingers that Valve’s wishes hold true and the DLC will be available free of charge for both systems. Might want to cross those fingers on both hands, actually.

For those of you out there who bought Left 4 Dead for the 360, if Microsoft indeed does decide to charge for the content, will you buy it? Will you switch over to the PC version and get it for free, maybe start an online riot should you not get the same treatment as PC gamers? Or will you just swallow your pride because the game is just that good?