Nothing quenches your thirst like tentacle rape

Beverages have had a dubious relationship with gaming for a while now, with Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel courting the Halo 3 masses, Mana Energy Potion poisoning World of Warcraft players and Bawls powering many late-night/early-morning LAN sessions. But Mnemosyne’s new product is perhaps the most disturbing, and therefore awesome, collision between the two worlds. That’s because it is the first beverage based on anime tentacle rape. Despite running the massively-multiplayer game Rubies of Eventide, Mnemosyne found time to create “Tentacle Grape,” a caffeinated grape soda targeted at gamers, cosplayers, comic book fans and people who are down with Japanese school girls engaging in involuntary coitus with tentacle monsters. You can pre-order the heantai-fueled soda in six-packs for $15.99 plus shipping from their website, with each order before January 5th eligible for free Tentacle Grape condoms or bumper stickers!