Edge reveals more Uncharted 2 details

The interwebs have been blessed with a post-Christmas miracle, namely scans of Edge’s latest cover story, which features the bruised and beaten mug of our favorite treasure-hunting, trash-talking protagonist Nathan Drake. The article itself retreads a lot of ground already covered in GameInformer’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves cover story, but there are new quotes aplenty.

While the first game only used 30 percent of the PlayStation 3’s power, the percentage pushing sequel will be “maxing it out.” The devs finally explain what this claim means in terms of actual gameplay, stating that Uncharted 2 will feature significantly more detail on every level, from expressions to movements to environments. “If [Drake’s] sneaking, his animation has to reflect that, and if he’s on shaky ground, you’ll see him checking his balance. If he’s scared, you’ll see the anguish and fear on his face,” says Naughty Dog’s co-president Evan Wells, ultimately creating “a true playable cinematic experience.”

Apparently, this interactive storytelling includes getting trapped in a collapsing building, battling enemies as the walls quite literally come down around you. But it’s not non-stop action, according to game director Bruce Straley, who hopes to make this the most seamless videogaming experience possible. Character interaction and cinematic plotting are also getting the star treatment, and the worrisome addition of a sneaking mechanic promises to not be “meticulous, frustrating and boring.”

“Stealth just gives you something more in the toolbox, another element, another choice that’s available to you,” says Straley. “It’s not Splinter Cell. It’s choosing when and from where to enter combat.” Check out the full article in Edge, which is available on newsstands now, for more quotes and photos. As for us, we’re quite ready to name this GOTY 2009.