God strikes Take-Two down, according to JT

God works in mysterious ways and right now he has it in for Take-Two, according to Jack Thompson. The disbarred and disgraced Florida attorney was rumored to be planning a stockholder revolt against the publisher of GTAIV. While that may not have come to fruition just yet it seems his prayers were answered when the Take-Two share price took a nosedive earlier in December, an occurrence that Thompson is convinced could be nothing other than divine intervention.

In an email to GamePolitcs Thomspon quite literally said that “God [struck] Take-Two Down.” When pressed for clarification by GamePolitics he elaborated: “If you had any understanding of the Bible and of God you would understand that persecution comes Christians’ way, and we are blessed by it. There is no blessing for [Take-Two’s CEO Strauss] Zelnick, who is not a Christian, when he gets what he deserves.”

While it is tempting to blame the peaks and troughs of the stock market on the whimsical hand of the almighty it seems that Thompson has fallen into the trap of trying to use his faith to explain random phenomena and justify his own (indefensible) position in the world. We’ll bring you more on Thompson’s slide into self-parody as it happens.